Greenfix GeoJute™ is an effective lightweight biodegradable netting designed for the prevention of soil erosion. GeoJute has been used for decades to provide economical protection for freshly cut or exposed slopes.

GeoJute offers a high degree of soil retention before biodegrading completely, adding to the organic content of the soil once the vegetation has established.

Each roll covers 83.57m2 and weighs 42kg (500gsm), considerably less than comparable folded and compressed bales of similar products. This means that GeoJute is far better suited to manual lifting and handling. Easy to install, they can be simply unrolled down a slope without any need for unfolding; this avoids potential snagging and tangling.

The rolls can be lifted and maneuvered without the need for mechanical lifting aids, making them easier to handle and quicker to lay, saving manpower costs.

Each year Jute crops are sustainably managed; from seeding to harvest, one hectare absorbs as much as 15 tonnes of CO2. As Greenfix GeoJute is made of 100% jute, the CO2 footprint of any project can be reduced by more than 3kg of CO2 for every square meter installed.

Product Weight per m2 Rolls size Apertures
GeoJute 500 500gms 1.22m x 68.5m 15mm x 22mm

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