Greenfix offer a series of CPD approved seminars covering the full product range and their applications.

  • A Guide to Sustainable Soil Stabilisation and Erosion Control Materials plus their Applications: This will give an overview of the Greenfix product range and their uses in specific project types.
  • A Guide to Tree Root Protection: This presentation provides the latest thinking on Tree Root Protection techniques in accordance with BS5837 and APN12. This will include use of 3D load spreaders, infill materials, design concepts and installation techniques
  • Application specific technical seminars: These seminars are designed to be more advance, focusing on the specific areas of design as requested by the company receiving the seminar. This can also include a more in-depth examination of the testing of Geoweb and working with basic design concepts for Geoweb.

Our CPD seminars are approved and certified by the UK CPD Service. They are presented in PowerPoint and supported by material samples and handouts. PDF and hard copy literature will be available at the seminars.

To arrange a CPD seminar please use the contact form linked here and follow the instructions provided.

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