River Restoration

Waterways of all types from canals to coastal lagoons require erosion management materials. With each site requiring products that allow for different water velocities, levels and conditions, biodegradable and permanent options are often employed in different areas of the same site.

Embankment Stabilisation

Greenfix offers many solutions to embankment stabilisation and erosion control, including cellular condiment systems, biodegradable blankets and meshes, and permanent bank protection. Additionally, products used to protect against scour can be supplied. These products can be provided in the form of either confined rocks or natural coir material.

Sediment/Silt Control

Controlling the spread of sediment while working on sections of an embankment is important. Greenfix offers a range of products designed to control sediment along the river bed and products targeting silt suspended in the water column.

To find out more about the products Greenfix offers for watercourse application, please view the dedicated product pages below. Alternatively, if you have any questions please call the office on 01386 881493.

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