TreeParker® Engineered Tree Pit system is the most affordable and flexible system on the market whilst also offering the strongest system compared to any other tree root bunker system. 

In addition to the key functions such as withstanding heavy traffic loads and unimpeded root growth, secondary benefits to the system are also of great importance. These secondary benefits include the simple design, ease of installation, sustainability, integration of existing / new utilities, variable depths, and the high percentage of rooting volume in the system.

TreeParker has a simple design and is available in a variety of depths depending on the site requirements. The system is quick and easy to install therefore reducing the installation time.

The TreeParker system can also be used as part of an integrated stormwater management system by managing rainwater run-off within the soil volume in the TreeParker system.

TreeParker units are 600mm x 600mm in section and are manufactured from 400mm deep to 1.4m deep to match site specific tree pits size requirements.

Greenfix provide all of the required ancillary products for the TreeParker tree pits, including root ball anchors, root guides, aeration and irrigation pipes and geotextiles.

For any further advice on this product please call 01386 881493.

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