The vast range of road types is reflected in the number of applications used when working on the highways. From embankments and cuttings on trunk roads and motorways, to landslip protection on minor roads, the products required for each application can vary greatly.

Load Support

Road construction in lower CBR ground conditions can be challenging; however Greenfix offers cost-effective solutions for tackling soil stability problems. The cellular confinement system Geoweb® can be used to create a stiffened base layer for roads and tracks, while the unique road verge panels provide support in normally unprotected areas often damaged by vehicles.

Vegetated Bag System

Greenfix’s vegetated bag system can be installed with minimal footprint and reduces the requirement for backfill excavation, making it the ideal product for restricted access sites. The flexibility of the system means that retaining walls can conform to the existing profile while giving a natural appearance in contrast to other hard landscaping options.

Embankment Protection

Greenfix offers many solutions to embankment stabilisation and erosion control, including cellular confinement systems and biodegradable or permanent blankets and meshes. Department of Transport (DOT) seed mixes can also be sold separately or incorporated within our pre-seeded blankets.

Root and Weed Control

Roundabouts and other planted areas that require mulching will often need regular maintenance. Greenfix offers the solution of a natural coir degradable mulch mat that also provides weed control. Greenfix also supplies barrier materials for the diversion of tree roots, and the control of Japanese Knotweed and other invasive species.

To find out more about the products Greenfix offers for highways, please view the dedicated product pages below. Alternatively, if you have any questions please call the office on 01386 881493.

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