Park Pave

Greenfix Park Pave units are manufactured from recycled plastic, while also being 100% recyclable, making the Park Pave range environmentally sympathetic and cost effective.

Park Pave Gravel is designed for gravel infill applications such as private driveways,footpaths, and lightly trafficked car parks. The panels are 30mm deep and are pre-assembled with a geotextile backing to speed up installation.  Park Pave Gravel is available in white or black.

Park Pave HD is a durable paving solution for heavily trafficked areas such as truck parks, emergency access roads and car parks. Suitable for both grass and gravel infill, the systems drainage channels allow lateral & vertical water flow. The easy to install units clip together to create a heavy-duty raft capable of withstanding all types of vehicular loadings, in conjunction with the correct base material.

Park Pave is a 40mm deep grass & gravel paver designed for car parks, frequently trafficked areas, verge reinforcement and emergency access roads. The 330mm square units interlock to create a continuous aesthetically pleasing surface. The panels come pre-connected in 1m2 sections to make installation more efficient.

The Park Pave units may be filled with soil and grass seed or turf for an attractive, durable grass finish or decorative gravels for a hardwearing, aesthetically pleasing gravel finish.

All Park Pave units are SUDs compliant for both infiltration and attenuation applications.

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