Eromat and Eromat Light

Greenfix Eromat is best used for slope and embankment stabilisation and is supplied un-seeded.

Eromat is available in three different fibre combinations for medium and long-term degradation including 100% straw, 50% straw and 50% coir, and 100% coir. Each fibre combination has a roll weight of 400-500gsm.

Eromat Light has all the benefits of the Eromat range with a weight of 275-300gms, providing a cost saving over the heavier Eromat rolls.

The blankets incorporate three different types of supporting nets to meet specific tensile strength requirements including a PP mesh, biodegradable jute mesh, and reinforced PP mesh.

Eromat 1.2m x 60m – 72m2
2.4m x 42m – 100.8m2
Eromat Light 1.2m x 70m – 84m2
2.4m x 50m – 120m2

Eromat F3

The Greenfix F3 product range combines all the benefits of Covamat, Eromat, Mulchmat and Rockmat with additional fire protection according to DIN 4102-1.
In prolonged hot and dry periods some fibres quickly become dry and at risk of catching fire from a spark or cigarette. In areas where fire hazards need to be considered, such as railway embankments, the Greenfix F3 range offers un-seeded and pre-seeded options.

Greenfix F3 range:

  • Covamat F3 pre-seeded erosion control blanket, used for fast establishment on a variety of slopes and embankments
  • Rockmat F3 un-seeded or pre-seeded blanket with the addition of a steel mesh for increased reinforcement and prevention of burrowing animals
  • Mulchmat F3 dual layered mulch mat provides nursery like conditions for newly planted trees and shrubs
  • Eromat F3 un-seeded erosion control blanket which can be under-seeded with site-specific seed mixes.

Covamat F3 1.2m x 30m – 36m2
2.4m x 25m – 60m
Rockmat F3 1.2m x 25m – 30m2
Mulchmat F3 1.2m x 30m – 36m2
2.4m x 30m -72m2
Eromat F3 1.2m x 60m -72m2
2.4m x 42m – 100.8m2

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