Geoweb® Earth Retention

The Geoweb® Retaining Wall system creates economical and structurally sound retaining walls that meet all design requirements and aesthetics through a terraced vegetated face.

The Geoweb® system’s open-celled horizontal terraces create a natural environment for sustainable vegetation. The vegetated system also allows rain water to collect through the cell wall, maximising stormwater collection and minimising runoff. Soil-filled front cells allow grasses to establish and flourish, creating a green wall.

Typical Wall Structures:

  • Steepened slopes
  • Geocomposite retaining walls
  • Gravity walls
  • Multi-layered channel systems

Geoweb® Retaining Wall system uses less expensive on-site infill materials and has a faster construction time, saving site costs. The compact and lightweight sections are easier to handle, deploy and construct even in difficult to access or remote locations.

For any further advice on this product please call 01386 881493.

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