As people become more conscious of the environment, replacing hard landscaping with softer green alternatives is growing increasingly popular. Green spaces benefit all aspects of people’s lives, filtering pollutants from the air, lowering temperatures in urban areas, providing shade, all while controlling soil erosion.

The Greenfix range works with existing ground conditions to create an enhanced environment, combining different materials to produce beautiful sustainable landscapes.

Erosion Control

Greenfix offers many solutions that provide erosion control, including cellular confinement systems and biodegradable or permanent blankets and meshes. Both the biodegradable and permanent blankets are available pre-seeded or un-seeded, so can be selected based on the desired aesthetic of the landscape. Additionally, Greenfix supplies a wide selection of grass seed mixes including site specific made-to-order mixes that can be used alone or in conjunction with an erosion control blanket or mesh.

Grass Reinforcement

While aesthetics are of paramount importance in landscaping, it is also important to remember functionality. Greenfix’s range of grass reinforcement products optimise function while not compromising the look of the landscape. These products can tolerate all forms of traffic, from pedestrians to HGVs.

Vegetated Retaining Structures

Greenfix offers a range of vegetated solutions for gravity walls and retaining structures, providing a natural appearance in contrast to harder landscaping systems. Greenfix can work with clients to provide design solutions for retaining walls, including geogrid reinforcement where appropriate.

To find out more about the products Greenfix offers for landscaping, please view the dedicated product pages below. Alternatively, if you have any questions please call the office on 01386 881493.

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