Grass Seed

Greenfix offers a wide range of grass seed mixes, including standard amenity grass seed, along with specialist site-specific mixes.

Greenfix GF22 Grass Seed Mix

A good all-round amenity seed mix which will establish very quickly in the Spring. This mix is hardwearing, creates an attractive sward, and is low maintenance.

Aber® Sustain

An economically and environmentally sustainable mixture to suit the requirements of today’s landscape. Aber®Sustain includes AberAce White Clover which fixes Nitrogen, allowing the mixture to sustain itself. The mixture is quick to establish, has an attractive appearance, and the clover flowers attract bees to encourage pollination.

Along with our bagged seed mixes, Greenfix offers a range of pre-seeded erosion control blankets. When purchasing one of our blankets the selection of one of the below seed mixes is required.

Seed Mix 1A

Designed specifically for flood endangered areas and steep slopes, dikes and coastal strips. This mix has strong root development and is salt resistant.

Seed Mix 1C

As per seed mix 1A with additional clover for poor soil conditions. This is the most commonly used seed mix.

Seed Mix 2A

Low maintenance with strong root development suitable for standard fresh and moist grounds. This seed mix is also salt resistant.

Seed Mix 2B

Strong root development and de-icing salt resistant. This mix is suitable for dry and stony grounds.

Seed Mix 2C

As per seed mix 2A with additional clover for poor soil conditions.

Seed Mix P (Pioneer)

Created for especially poor soil conditions and soils with vegetation establishment problems. This mix has strong root development, ground cover and is de-icing salt resistant.

For a full breakdown of each seed mix please see specification documents below.

Greenfix can incorporate wildflower seed within any of the pre-seeded erosion control blankets in addition to one of the standard seed mixes. Site-specific seed mixes can also be incorporated into the pre-seeded blankets.

For any further advice on the selection of grass seed mixes please call 01386 881493.

Please click here to request product specification documents and installation guides

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