Geoweb® Overview

The Presto Geoweb® system is the original geocell cellular confinement system developed by Presto Geosystems® over 30 years ago, and is used for load support, tree root protection, retaining walls, plus slope and channel applications.

Through a network of 3D interconnected cells, the Geoweb® system transforms infill through confinement, providing strength and stability to cohesionless soils for a host of applications.

Geoweb® is manufactured in the USA with the highest quality virgin High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), ensuring dependable quality and performance. Geoweb® is also certified by BSI (British Standards Institution) to ISO 9001:2015 and CE marked based on conformance with EU harmonised standards.

The Presto Geoweb® system can be infilled with a variety of materials from aggregate to hard-armoured concrete, ensuring the required finish is achieved at all sites.

Geoweb® solutions are designed and installed with the integral components for increased strength, long term performance and speed of installation.

Atra® Keys – Designed for faster connection of Geoweb® panels in place of stapling and ties. The weather and corrosion-resistant Atra® Key reduces installation costs and provides connections three times stronger and faster than staples. Atra® Keys are inserted through slots in adjoining Geoweb® panels, then turned and locked for the most secure connections.

Atra® Tendon Clips – Designed to effectively transfer loads from the Geoweb® cell wall to the tendon. Tendons suspend the Geoweb® material over geomembranes, hard surfaces or steep slopes without the need for anchor pins.

Atra® Anchors – Used where anchoring into the ground below is not restricted by geomembranes or hard surfaces. Contractor friendly Atra® Anchors reduce time and material cost during installation of the Geoweb® system.

Greenfix provides free site-specific solutions calculated by our team of engineers.

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