Fixing Pins

The correct installation and fixing procedures are as important as material selection. Greenfix offers a comprehensive range of fixings, and manufactures non-standard pins to cover any requirement.

Biostakes Biodegradable Fixing Pins

Greenfix Biostakes are 100% biodegradable and break down completely after 18 months. Biostakes have 45% more anchoring power than 6” metal staples, and the 30mm head is ideal for holding fabrics firmly in place. Greenfix Biostakes are available in 100mm or 150mm lengths and boxes of 100 or 500.

WP300 Wooden Stakes

WP300 Wooden Stakes are made from natural pine. The stakes have a large surface area and the roughness of the natural pine provides excellent pull out resistance in soft loamy or sand soils. The 50mm dowel also provides a large area for securing blankets, matting and meshes. WP300 are available in boxes of 250. Greenfix can also supply 400mm and 500mm Wooden Stakes upon request.

FP200 & FP300 Steel Fixing Pins

FP200 (200mm x 4mm) and FP300 (300mm x 4mm) Steel Fixing Pins have a ribbed bar for added grip and a kinked head to aid hammering in. Both pins in the FP range are the most widely supplied pins, and cover most applications including clay soils as well as soils with some small stones. The FP300 pins can also be used in loose soils such as sand. FP200 and FP300 are available in boxes of 100 or 500.

RS300 Re-Bar Fixing Pins

RS300 are robust 8mm re-bar fixing pins suitable for hard stony soils. Ribbing on the bar gives excellent grip and pull-out resistance, making the pins ideal for heavy duty applications. The RS300 are 300mm long with a 100mm head and 100mm return. R3000 R-Bar pins and are available in bags of 50.

Custom length fixings pins may be available upon request

For any further advice on these products please call 01386 881493.

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