Sediment / Silt Control

Sediment or silt is a natural part of any water system and is essential for ecological balance; however in some cases sediment and silt may need to be controlled. Actions such as dredging and embankment construction can disrupt and even introduce contaminated sediment that may negatively impact the aquatic habitat. Greenfix has developed a range of products used to protect against sediment and silt contamination.

Sediment/Silt Control in Waterways

Greenfix offers products that can be used downstream or around areas of construction that are likely to disrupt sediment. The range includes products designed to control sediment along the river bed as well as those targeting silt suspended in the water column.

Sediment/Silt Control on Land

While it is necessary to consider the disruption that works within the waterways can cause, it is also important to consider how works within the catchment area of the waterway can affect silt management. Greenfix supplies a silt fence that can be installed on construction sites to prevent sediment being washed off site into local drainage systems or waterways.

To find out more about the products Greenfix offers for sediment and silt control, please view the dedicated product pages below. Alternatively, if you have any questions please call the office on 01386 881493.

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