Geoweb® Slope and Channel Protection

The Geoweb® Slope and Channel Protection system stabilises and protects against sliding forces and erosive conditions of all types. It can be designed with appropriate infill types to withstand even the highest water velocities in channel applications.

Typical uses for Geoweb® Slope and Channel Protection are:

  • Vegetated and permeable embankments
  • Stormwater basins and wastewater lagoons
  • Shoreline revetments
  • Dykes and bunds
  • Swales and drainage ditches
  • Geomembrane protection

The Geoweb® system can be filled with concrete to form hard-armoured protection to slopes and channels. Concrete is poured into the structure on site, creating an easy to install, flexible, yet hard-armoured system that is less costly than pre-formed concrete equivalents.

Geoweb® can also be layered to create a multi-layered vegetated channel that can withstand high flows for short durations. This system can tolerate differential settlement while maintaining its structural integrity and is quicker and easier to install than typical block systems.

Greenfix provides free site-specific solutions calculated by our team of engineers.

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