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Greenfix has a range of lining options suitable for small garden ponds and substantial lakes, lagoons and reservoirs, from providing the materials to make a lake or pond an attractive environment for wildlife and vegetation to supplying the lining for the body of water itself.

Polypropylene Pre-welded Panels

Robust, flexible PP liners are designed to be easy to install and offer an economical way to create a lake or pond lining. Polypropylene enjoys good temperature and chemical resistance. Supplied in pre-welded panels up to 300m long, these geomembranes are currently available in 0.75mm and 1mm thicknesses.

Reinforced Liners

A modern alternative to HDPE and LLDPE geomembranes, Greenfix reinforced liners offer high strength and puncture resistance with low material weight making them easy to handle on site. The liners are also available in pre-welded panels that are supplied folded or wound onto cores to facilitate installation on site without specialist labour. Available in a range of thicknesses from 0.5mm to 1mm with tensile and peel strengths exceeding those of much thicker unreinforced geomembranes.

Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCL)

Self-sealing Bentonite clay liners are supplied as a layer of sodium bentonite between two geotextiles which are needle punched together. There are also options laminated to a smooth flexible membrane. GCLs offer excellent shear strength, hydraulic performance and chemical compatibility to ensure a long-lasting liner that is easier to install than traditional compacted clay liners.

Typical applications for all types of Greenfix liners include:

  • Attenuation and storm water ponds
  • Swales and detention basins
  • Fire water ponds
  • Irrigation ponds
  • Waste water lagoons
  • Golf course lakes
  • Reservoirs
  • Reed bed liners
  • Natural swimming pools
  • Trench liners

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