River Mat RM100

Greenfix River Mats are suitable for use in natural and artificial channels. Each mat consists of two layers of burlap, with straw & excelsior. All four sides are closed by natural thread stitching.

Secured to the bed of the watercourse and placed downstream of the disturbed area, River Mat RM100 lies flat and traps sediment borne along the bed on the current. Being flat, the River Mat does not cause disruption of the water flow or affect the current.

River Mat RM100 can help with the control of problems caused during civil engineering works such as drainage or flood alleviation. It reduces the effect on wildlife and plant habitats caused by sediment, and prevents sediment blocking drains, culverts and headwalls.

Once works are completed, the filled River Mats can be reused as a nutrient-rich biodegradable embankment stabilisation mat.

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