Rock Rolls & Mattresses

Greenfix Rock Rolls provide a permanent cost-effective alternative to rip-rap and gabions in turbulent and fast flowing watercourses. Used around lakes, reservoir edges, shorelines, high-flow riverbanks and streams, Rock Rolls provide a flexible solution with immediate scour protection, particularly in applications below water.

Rock Rolls can be used on their own to provide erosion protection, or when combined in a bioengineering solution they provide a solid foundation to sit Coir Rolls upon. This will provide erosion protection along with bank support and habitat creation.

Greenfix can supply Rock Rolls filled or unfilled in sizes of 300mmɸ and 400mmɸ x 2m long.

Along with Rock Rolls, Greenfix supplies Rock Mattresses. These provide an instant high-performance erosion protection system. Used below water or as a permanent revetment around coastal areas, reservoirs, shorelines, lake edges, streams and river banks, Rock Mattresses are an alternative to rip-rap and gabions.

Rock Mattresses are made up of self-contained chambers created from 5mm knotless polyethylene netting with a mesh size of 30mm x 30mm and 45mm x 45mm. Standard size 2m x 1m x 0.25m.

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