Root and Weed Control

Greenfix supplies a range of root and weed control products including root barriers and mulch mats. Available for all root applications including Japanese Knotweed, our Root Barriers come in stocked rolls or can be made to order to minimise joints within the roll.

The Greenfix Mulchmats and Mulchspats are offered in a variety of sizes and are used for developing newly planted trees or shrubs without competition from weeds.

Root Barriers (Invasive Species)

Rootbarrier 400 is an impermeable woven HDPE root barrier coated with a triple layer of film LDPE that will prevent roots from lifting concrete, tarmac or other paving.

Mulchmat and Mulchspats

Greenfix Mulchmats and Mulchspats consist of an upper layer of coir with two UV degradable foils underneath to prevent light penetration. Available in roll or spat form, the products provide nursery like conditions.

Mulchmat F3

Mulchmat F3 combines the benefits of Mulchmat with additional fire protection according to DIN 4102-1.

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