Un-Seeded Erosion Control Blankets and Meshes

Greenfix offers a wide range of unseeded erosion control blankets and meshes that vary in material and lifespan to ensure there is a product to meet every site’s needs.


The Eromat un-seeded range offers erosion control in a variety of different fibre combinations.


Geocoir mesh is manufactured from 100% high quality coir fibres and is available in three weight grades.


GeoJute mesh is a lightweight solution to erosion control and is manufactured from unbleached jute fibres.


Rockmat combines the benefits of Eromat with additional steel reinforcement mesh to provide erosion control and highly effective anti-vermin protection.

Embankment Mat

Embankment Mat is a high strength, 100% biodegradable erosion control blanket suitable for surface stabilisation in extreme erosion cases and water courses.

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