Geoweb® Rail

Geoweb® geocell achieves all requirements of the Network Rail specification NR/L2/TRK/4239 and accompanying guide “Use of Geocells” for below track installations on soft soils or to reduce depth of excavation.

Geoweb® geocell has been used under the ballast layer for rail applications worldwide for more than 25 years.

Geoweb® geocell is approved by Network Rail as the solution to improve and regulate track bed stiffness, and reduce both maintenance and installation time and cost.

Using Geoweb® geocell on railway track beds improves track quality performance, reduces maintenance intervention, and significantly reduces site excavation requirements where subgrade stiffness improvements are necessary.

On sites where Geoweb® geocell is used, it is possible to reduce the amount of excavated and replacement materials by 40-50%. This reduces the amount of CO2 produced during aggregate processing and handling, decreases haulage and machine handling costs; in addition, ease of handling and reduced installation rates will reduce man and plant hours and line closure duration.

Geoweb® geocell solutions are designed and installed with the integral components for increased strength, long term performance and speed of installation.

Atra® Keys – Designed for faster connection of Geoweb® panels in place of stapling and ties. The weather and corrosion-resistant Atra® Key reduces installation costs and provides connections three times stronger and faster than staples. Atra® Keys are inserted through slots in adjoining Geoweb® panels, then turned and locked for the most secure connections.

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