CuTex – Copper Composite Root Barrier

CuTex is a geocomposite root barrier system consisting of a copper sheet between a woven polypropylene geotextile. Copper acts as a signal layer that all plants avert their growth from. The copper layer only releases a minute amount of copper ion, which does not constitute an ecosystem burden or any impact on groundwater.

Applications and Benefits:

  • Protection of utilities infrastructures such as foundations and drains
  • Suitable for use as Landfill caps
  • Protection against Japanese Knotweed and other invasive species
  • Protection from Bamboo and other grasses
  • Permeable geotextile allows water to flow through to the ground below
  • Suitable for Highway and Rail applications

Rolls are available in 2.6m x 25m and 5.2m x 25 with 2.6m x 50m and 5.2m x 50m on request.

Please click here to request product specification documents and installation guides.

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