Envirolok® Vegetated Bag System

Envirolok® is a Vegetated Mechanically Stabilised Earth Wall System for retaining walls, slope stabilisation, erosion control and shoreline protection. The Envirolok® system allows for easy landscaping design while providing a vegetated finish.

Envirolok® bags rely on vegetation to provide ultra-violet resistance and must be seeded within 2 weeks of practical completion. Hydro-seeding is the preferred method of seeding. Advice should be sought from a reputable Hydro-seeding contractor. Live planting in the fill behind the bags of training plants such as Ivy is also possible. The bags should not be punctured for planting. In water courses sedges and similar marginal aquatic species can be planted between the lower courses of bags.

Retaining Walls

Envirolok® can be used to create Gravity walls or Mechanically Stabilised Earth (MSE) walls that turn unstable soil into a beautiful focal point.

Slope Retention

Envirolok® will absorb raindrop impact and surface water run-off to prevent further erosion to slopes and embankments. The bag system can also be used to restore and strengthen previously damaged slopes.


Envirolok® can decrease stormwater volume through infiltration and increase its quality using native vegetation planted in the bag system.

Swale Protection

Envirolok® combines the protection of a turf reinforcement mat and the encapsulation of high-quality soils to grow more robust vegetation in hydraulic conveyance systems.

Shoreline Protection

Envirolok® restores shoreline to its original condition while stabilising soil, promoting drainage, and providing sustainable erosion control. Envirolok® can be planted and seeded with native plants to offer a natural shoreline ecosystem.

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