Envirolok® is a Vegetated Mechanically Stabilised Earth Wall System for retaining walls, slope stabilisation, erosion control and shoreline protection. The Envirolok® system allows for easy landscaping design while providing a vegetated finish.

Retaining Walls

Envirolok® can be used to create Gravity walls or Mechanically Stabilised Earth (MSE) walls that turn unstable soil into a beautiful focal point.

Slope Retention

Envirolok® will absorb raindrop impact and surface water run-off to prevent further erosion to slopes and embankments. The bag system can also be used to restore and strengthen previously damaged slopes.


Envirolok® can decrease stormwater volume through infiltration and increase its quality using native vegetation planted in the bag system.

Swale Protection

Envirolok® combines the protection of a turf reinforcement mat and the encapsulation of high-quality soils to grow more robust vegetation in hydraulic conveyance systems.

Shoreline Protection

Envirolok® restores shoreline to its original condition while stabilising soil, promoting drainage, and providing sustainable erosion control. Envirolok® can be planted and seeded with native plants to offer a natural shoreline ecosystem.

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