Envirolok Vegetated Wall System

Envirolok is a Vegetated Mechanically Stabilised Earth Wall System for retaining walls, slope stabilisation, erosion control and shoreline protection.


Envirolok enhances the natural surroundings and turns what was once unstable soil into a beautiful focal point. Gravity walls or Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) walls are great applications for this environmentally sound system.


Restore and strengthen slopes damaged in storm events with Envirolok. Absorb rain drop impact and surface run-off velocity to prevent further erosion. For difficult access sites try Envirolok with earth anchors.

Use Envirolok for Mechanically Reinforced Slopes (MSE) or Reinforced Soil Slopes (RSS)

  • Native plant roots reinforce soil by growing across failure planes and limiting surface erosion
  • Envirolok allows for soil stabilization in hard to access areas
  • Envirolok minimises soil disturbance in sensitive areas through various methods of anchoring
  • Create landscape designs with ease


Decrease stormwater volume through infiltration and increase its quality with native vegetation planted in the Envirolok system. Help keep our lakes, streams and rivers clean for generations to come.


Promote infiltration and slow run-off with an Envirolok swale lining. Envirolok combines the protection of a turf reinforcement mat and the encapsulation of high quality soils to grow more robust vegetation in hydraulic conveyance systems.


Eroding shorelines are often stabilised with hard armoured solutions, such as rip rap. Ironically these structures can increase the erosion rate by reflecting wave energy to adjacent areas. Hardened structures provide little habitat and keep the shoreline from carrying out its natural processes.

  • Envirolok restores shoreline to its original condition, while stabilising soil, promoting drainage and providing sustainable erosion control
  • Diverse native vegetation grown into the Envirolok system creates a buffer zone, mitigating effects of development and increasing water quality in lakes, rivers and wetlands
  • Envirolok protects property while preserving an attractive natural appearance
  • Envirolok’s living shorelines use natural shoreline ecosystems to absorb wave energy reducing erosion on adjacent areas


pdf-icon   Envirolok Bag Specification

pdf-icon   Envirolok Soil Specification

pdf-icon   Envirolok Standard Installation Detail

pdf-icon   Envirolok Shear Values

pdf-icon   Envirolok Cinch Twine Resistance

Design details for a range of applications available on request.