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Choosing The Right Geocell

Not all Geocells are created equal… Read the Presto blog to learn more, and then visit our page on the 7 Key factors in choosing the right Geocell for your project.

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Geoweb at Center Parcs

Some photos of the job at Center Parcs Sherwood, where we fitted Geoweb around the aqua sauna area. Anita at Wainwright Forestry said “It all went brilliantly and Center Parcs grounds manager was very pleased with the results. It does

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Greenfix on Twitter

Follow Greenfix on Twitter to keep up with the latest from The River Restoration Conference

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Geoweb for Tree Root Protection

Ask about Bulk Density Calculations to help control Soil Compaction in Tree Root Protection applications.  

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Greenfix for your River Restoration Projects

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Get Ready For Spring

With the weather hopefully getting warmer in the next few weeks this the right time to look at projects for the new season. Greenfix Geosystems provide innovative, sustainable solutions to challenging soil stabilisation problems and turf protection needs. Geoweb® cellular

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Tree Root Protection in winter

At this time of year there can be an increased risk of windthrow or blowdown. It can be especially prevalent following logging or in areas where soil compaction has reduced the stability of the root system. Geoweb for Tree Root

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If you haven’t yet booked to visit Futurescape use the link below for your tickets. Greenfix are on stand 73.

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Overcome the elements

With Autumn and Winter fast approaching we are thinking about the possibility of trees blowing down. Whether you have one tree or a whole forest to consider, soil compaction can lead to instability in the soil containing the root system

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Get set for winter

With Autumn & Winter fast approaching Greenfix can help you overcome the elements…   Erosion Control – With our range of biodegradable seeded, and permanent turf reinforcement Greenfix can provide an erosion control solution for any application   Tree Anchoring

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