Pre-Seeded Erosion Control Mats

Covamat provides biodegradable erosion control and vegetation establishment in one step.

Covamat is available in different fibre combinations and reinforced meshes for short, medium and long-term degradation (Up to 36months). Specially designed for freshly-soiled inherently stable embankments, new slope cuttings, lining new water-courses, balancing ponds, facing reinforced soil slopes, lake edgings, protection of natural monuments, establishing wild flowers and road ditching.



Covamat Plus improves poor soil conditions due to the incorporation of a specially developed organic fertilisers and dry micro-organisms. This seed, fertiliser and dry micro-organism combination helps to guarantee the best possible germination results for the grass seed within the Covamat.


Covamat Fresh offers all the benefits of Covamat Plus and the addition of 5mm of top soil. Covamat Fresh has the fastest germination speed of any pre-seeded erosion control blanket as a result of this soil addition.

Covamat   Covamat







All seeded blankets are available with 6 standard seed mixes, or a site specified mix can be used. F3 fire retardant blankets are also available. More erosion control materials for aquatic applications can be found in the Bio-Engineering Section.


Covamat Plus

Erosion control and vegetation establishment in one step - Covamat Plus is our most popular seeded blanket.

Covamat Fresh

The fastest germination speed for pre-seeded erosion control blankets.

Embankment Mat

High reinforcement and 100% biodegradable - special Embankment mats with high strength coir nettings.

f3 Fire Retardant Blankets

Fire free fibres blankets.

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