Non-seeded Blankets and Meshes


Greenfix stock a variety of non-seeded blankets and meshes covering a variety of applications.



Manufactured from unbleached jute fibre, Geojute® is a lightweight yet effective net for use in the prevention of erosion.


Manufactured from 100% high quality bristle coir fibres, Geocoir erosion control netting is produced from spun coir twine and is available in three grades 400, 700 and 900.


Organic erosion control mats without seeds

Embankment Mat

High reinforcement and 100% biodegradable - special Embankment mats with high strength coir nettings.

f3 Fire Retardant Blankets

Fire free fibres blankets.


The ROCKMATS combine the benefits of Eromat with additional steel reinforcement and long term protection to vulnerable slopes. ROCKMATS provides a highly effective anti-vermin protection layer where rabbits and foxes etc. are likely to create slope instability due to burrowing.

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