Natural Cellular System

Recultex provides a natural solution to prevent slippage of topsoil whether on oversteepened slopes or where the rock or subsoil to soil interface has poor frictional qualities. Manufactured from 100% spun coir fibres (with an anti-fungal treatment), Recultex will provide several years of protection whilst the root matrix develops to bind the soil and give long-term stability.

Use in conjunction with Mulchmat or Covamat for maximum protection.

Recultex Erosion Control Fabrics are made of natural coir-fibre tissue as warp-knitted fabric with tear resistance of not less than 20-25 kgs per thread.

It enables slope installation independent from seasonal influences and combines the advantage of an organic fibre tissue manufactured on an industrial basis.

The Recultex fabrics guarantee high stability and resistance to tear, while offering minimized weight and volume during transportation. Recommendable for efficient installations and maximum labour cost savings. The Recultex Erosion Control Fabrics are the economic alternative to wooden branch fascias and willow braidings.

Main application methods are creation of supporting walls for top soil spreading to virgin soils.

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