Pre-planted Coir Pallets

 bio engineering

Pre-planted coir pallets are used on projects where mature vegetation is an immediate requirement.

Coir is a natural and sustainable waste product from the husk of coconut shells. Our manufacturing partners in Sri Lanka produce quality controlled coir fibre pallets which we import into the UK. Coir pallets are available as unplanted and pre-established product; all planted with native UK wetland plants – standard sizes 1Metre x 1Metre and 2Metre x 1Metre


Coir Pallets are an excellent natural solution to establish marginal aquatic vegetation at lake edges, ponds, and river / stream banks. The dense plant growth within our coir pallets help to protect against erosion and will provide immediate wildlife habitat for a number of ecologically key species.


Standard plant mixes are available from stock all year round or specialist mixes can be contract grown to order.


Coir pallets are also available unplanted and can be supplied with various native wetland plants in 5cm & 7cm plugs for on-site planting.


Coir pallets are often used as part of a cost-effective soft erosion control system; Greenfix supply a full range of bioengineering products that form protection systems at the water’s edge; including, coir rolls, rock-rolls, brushwood faggots, erosion control blankets, embankment mats & various fixing pins.