Mulchmat Type 10

Mulchmat Type 10

Where landscape planting is required, particularly on slopes, Greenfix Mulchmats provide mulching, moisture control, non-chemical weed control, soil erosion protection and soil temperature balance in one single operation. Nursery-like conditions can be achieved easily and by environmentally friendly means. Greenfix Mulchmats enhance growth without the need for further mulching, chemicals or large scale maintenance. The natural upper layer blends with landscaping, protects the bottom membrane from ultra-violet light, controls water shed from gradients and regulates soil temperature.


Greenfix Mulchmat Type 10 is a UV degradable blanket of upper layer of coir with two UV degradable foils underneath to prevent light penetration. The foils have off-set slits to allow water through. The mat is to be laid over the prepared earth, and rolled out in the direction of the slope. The bottom membrane prevents loss of moisture, controls erosion and provides non-chemical control of weeds. The bottom membrane is manufactured from UV degradable plastic. Mulchmats provide weed control and mulching typically for at least 3 years. Matting is available in rolls or spats.

Royal Forestry Society Quarterly Journal of Forestry said about Mulchmat Type 10

Very easy to fix, moulds to ground contours.Biodegradable … mats had low material costs and management time per tree.


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Advantages of Greenfix Mulchmat Type 10
  • Less plant stress and very low plant losses
  • Non-chemical weed control for many seasons
  • Allows solar radiation to raise and maintain the soil temperature for fast growth
  • Avoids nitrogen sink effect experienced with bark mulches
  • No need for aesthetic coverings, topping up or frequent visits
  • Size ensures economical use
  • For use where risk of accidental fire is of concern
  • Low installation and maintenance costs

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