Infill for Geoweb in Tree Root Applications

Greenfix recommend 4-20mm clean angular stone for use with Geoweb in Tree Root protection applications. The clean angular stone infill will provide an increased void space, compared to semi porous MOT Type 3, which is beneficial for soil respiration, carbon diffusion and migration of moisture to the tree roots.


Due to the nature of clean angular stone it binds through interlocking. As vertical loads are applied the edges of each stone react to one another interlocking through friction which is also aided by the texture of the Geoweb itself.


Many surfacing options are available to use above the Geoweb with this infill. For tree root protection applications Greenfix recommend the use of permeable surfaces.


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Midlands: 01455 288358 
North of England: 01524 738888
Scotland: 01698 870970


Arobricultural Practice Note 12 proposes the use of MOT type 3. With 5% fines, only 50% of material larger than 4mm and only a 33% void space which reduces to 25% when compacted, Greenfix believe that a 4-20mm stone will provide better nourishment for tree root systems.