Hydroseeding (hydraulic mulch seeding) is the process of spraying a specially mixed slurry comprising water, seed, hydro-mulch, fertiliser plus eco-friendly binder in just one operation.  Although the optimum times to hydroseed are Spring and Autumn, with the right weather conditions hydroseeding can be carried out throughout the year.


Individual mixtures of grasses, legumes, wildflower, tree & shrub seed or sedum can all be applied with a variety of different hydro-mulches. Additives to the hydroseed mix such as plant hormones, additional erosion control tackifier, soil amendments and microbial bacteria, enhance germination establishment to create the ideal growing environment that increases moisture retention, aids soil stabilisation, provides valuable nutrients and helps fight disease.

Advantages Over Conventional Seeding

Hydroseeding is intended for use when either the area is too large, inaccessible or unsuitable for conventional seeding and when results are required quickly. Hydroseeding is an extremely cost effective and successful method of establishing new vegetation regardless of project size or type.


Greenfix are working with a reputable Hydroseeding specialists, who have undertaken hydroseeding on a wide range of projects across the British Isles, and their Hydroseeding expertise forms a perfect complement to the Greenfix erosion control range.