Greenfix 400 Root Barrier

Mature tree roots can cause extensive damage to pipework and pavements. Tree roots need oxygen, water and a low enough soil density to penetrate. In urban areas particularly trees can often struggle to find a suitable route through the ground, and the disturbed soil around cables, pipework and paved areas is ideal for the roots.


Greenfix 400 Rootbarrier is the ideal solution for controlling the spread of tree or shrub roots.

Used vertically and horizontally to line a trench Greenfix 400 Rootbarrier will prevent ingress into pipework which causes leaks and damage which can be costly and difficult to remedy.

0036-1_lg    rootbarrier2

Used vertically at the edge of paved areas Greenfix 400 Rootbarrier will prevent roots lifting concrete, tarmac or other paving.

Figure-3       crack

Used horizontally Greenfix 400 Rootbarrier can control the spread of roots through topsoil where other plants are growing.
In this instance you would need to ensure enough water and oxygen was still able to reach the tree roots.

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