Grass Seed

Greenfix are able to offer a selection of different seed mixtures, incorporated into our blankets, as well as bagged seed for site installation.

Not just one seed mix is suitable for every condition. We have come up with the following seed mix combinations to meet the climatic conditions of your project. In addition special customer specified seed mixes (e.g. with wildflowers, golf courses) are available on request.

Standard Blanket Mixes

SEEDMIX 1A: low performing – non forage – specially for flood endangered areas and steep slopes, dikes and costal stripes – excellent sod-forming and erosion protective – strong root development – also salt resistant

SEEDMIX 2A: standard fresh and moist ground – low maintenance – strong root development – erosion protective – also salt resistant

SEEDMIX 2B: for dry and stoney underground – strong root development – erosion protection – also de-icing salt-resistant

SEEDMIX 1C: as per seedmix 1A – with additional clover for poor soil conditions – most widely used mix

SEEDMIX 2C: as per seedmix 2A – with additional clover for poor soil conditions

SEEDMIX P (Pioneer): for specially poor soil conditions – soils with vegetation establishment problems –  erosion protection – strong root development and ground cover – de-icing salt resistant

Standard Bagged Mixes

Greenfix GF22 – Good all-round amenity seed mix which will establish very quickly in the spring. Quick to establish, hardwearing, low maintenance and attractive sward.

Aber®Sustain  – Economically and environmentally sustainable mixture to suit the requirements of today’s landscapes.  Aber®Sustain includes AberAce White Clover which fixes Nitrogen allowing the mixture to sustain itself. The mixture is quick to establish, has and attractive appearance and the clover flowers bring bees and pollination.