Grass Protection & Reinforcement Mesh

Plastic mesh is ideal to reinforce grass as it can be fixed to the ground, and when the grass grows, the roots and sward of the grass intertwine with the mesh filaments to create a strong, stable, protected and reinforced grass surface. Suitable for areas that get worn, rutted and become muddy by excess traffic (cars, vans, people, trucks). Greenfix offer two products, a grass protection mesh (GGR11 & GGR 14)  for occasional frequent traffic and grass reinforcement mesh (GTR4) for more regular and heavier traffic. Steel fixing pins and parking markers are also available.

GGR11 Grass Protection Mesh Standard

GGR11 standard grass protection mesh is a 11mm thick oscillated plastic mesh for reinforcing and protecting grass used for trafficking  – vehicles or pedestrians to limited grass wear, rutting and damage.

  • Daily car parking requirements in the warmer months or on very well-draining soils
  • Overflow grass car parks in the warmer months
  • Temporary grass access routes
  • Pedestrian routes over grass
  • Disabled paths and routes over grass
  • Caravan awning parking areas
  • Extra car parking on existing grassed lawns

GGR14 Grass Protection Mesh – Heavy

GGR14 grass reinforcement mesh is a heavy-grade 14mm thick plastic mesh for reinforcing and protecting grass where permanent trafficking of cars and vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes is required, helping to reduce grass wear, rutting and damage.

  • Daily car parking requirements
  • Overflow grass car parks
  • Allowing off road parking on grass verges
  • Disabled (DDA) wheelchair access routes and paths
  • Access to grass areas normally closed off to trafficking
  • Minimising damage to highly trafficked grassed areas like builders compounds
  • Temporary grass access routes
  • Equestrian issues like poaching and rutting at paddock gateways, walkways and feeding rings
  • Compliant for SuDS Source Control (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems)

GTR3 & GTR4 Grass Reinforcement Mesh

GTR 3 & GTR4 Turf reinforcement mesh allows permanent trafficking by pedestrians, dogs, bikes and wheelchairs on grassed areas where and when this would not normally be considered. GTR3 & GTR4 reinforcement mesh is also used for slope stabilisation to allow grass or vegetation to become established.

  • Frequently used pedestrian grassed walkways / areas
  • Frequently used grass paths
  • Lawn reinforcement
  • Slope soil stabilisation
  • Large dog run grassed areas / pet play areas
  • Allows regular movement of wheelbarrows over grass
  • Wheelchair grassed acccess paths
  • Play areas, under swings, around climbing frames