Geoweb for Tree Root Protection

Geoweb for TRP

When construction equipment, vehicles and even pedestrian traffic intrude into a tree’s critical root zone compaction of the soil and damage of near surface roots can endanger the structural integrity of the tree.

Tree Root Protection systems must comply with the Arboricultural Method Statement as outlined in BS5837:2012, the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 and Arboricutural Practice Note 12 (APN12)

The Geoweb® Tree Root Protection System supplied in the UK by Greenfix is a control measure for APN12 and the Town and Country Planning Act 1990

Tree roots are often within the top 600mm of the surface, construction, excavation and compaction can damage or even destroy roots to the point where trees may not survive. This can lead to the serious hazards of unpredictable tree failure which can lead to not only serious damage to property, but injury and fatality.

The Geoweb® solution has exceptional load-bearing capabilities and environmental benefits.

Used extensively in civil engineering, landscaping, and construction for over 30 years, the Geoweb® system has a three-dimensional structure that:


  • Provides strength to the porous infill material
  • Distributes loads laterally along its system reducing compaction and its effects on the tree root area
  • Controls hydrocarbon pollution.

Geoweb is manufactured from the highest quality, high-strength virgin polyethylene with a textured surface and perforated walls.

Greenfix can provide site specific solutions for Tree Root Protection calculated by our engineers free of charge.
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