Geoweb Slope Protection

The benefits of three dimensional confinement are long-term vegetated sustainability, reinforcement of the upper soil layer and resistance to erosive conditions and sliding forces.

The Geoweb® system offers long-term protection of embankments of all types:

Sustainable Vegetation:

The system reinforces vegetation, increases resistance to erosive forces and prevents rill development caused from concentrated flows.

Permeable Aggregate:

Confinement in the Geoweb structure allows smaller, less-expensive materials to be used, and on steeper slopes than when unconfined.

Geomembrane Protection:

The system offers effective cover protection for impervious geomembranes. A tend

oned-anchoring system offers structural support and protects the integrity of the liner.

Hard-Armoured Concrete:

With concrete infill, the Geoweb system is a less costly, flexible alternative to articulating block systems.

Typical Geoweb Slope Protection Applications

 • Vegetated & Permeable Embankments

• Geomembrane Protection

• Stormwater Basins & Wastewater Lagoons

• Shoreline Revetments

• Dykes & Bunds

• Abutment Protection

• Landfill Linings & Covers

• Dam Faces & Spillways

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