Geoweb Porous Pavements

Geoweb Load support
Geoweb® can be used either as a pervious surface in it’s own right or as part of the sub base for other permeable and pervious surfaces

As communities grow and experience increases in surface runoff from newly constructed buildings and hard parking surfaces, the capacity of existing stormwater runoff systems are often pushed beyond their limits. This problem has led to environmental regulations that require the use of stormwater retention and porous pavement systems.


The Geoweb system is a polyethylene, three-dimensional, cellular structure that provides structural stability and permeability through confinement of porous infill materials. Geoweb provides maximum load support for a variety of loading requirements through aggregate infill or an aggregate-stabilized turf, and is a cost-effective alternative to hard-surface paving.


The Geoweb system offers options for creating attractive and permeable pavement systems for pedestrian and vehicular traffic requirements.