Geoweb Load Support

Geoweb Load support

 In load support applications Geoweb can reduce the excavation and fill requirements by up to 50%




Genuine Geoweb® Load Support System is a proven cost-effective solution for challenging soil stability problems.

  • Geoweb load support system is an easy to deploy economical solution for roads and tracks in difficult to access locations.
  • Geoweb access roads support heavy plant and vehicles, reducing costs to quarry, forestry, windfarm, agricultural and similar applications.
  • Joining panels with Atra®  Keys and Atra Anchors makes an installation up to 3 times stronger than using staples and can be a contributing factor to the speedy completion of projects.
Benefits of the 3 dimensional structure of Geoweb
  • Reduces the thickness and weight of structural support element by 50% or more
  • May allow use of lower-quality, less costly site won infill materials.
  • Allows subgrade materials to withstand more than 10 times the number of cyclic load applications before accumulating the same amount of permanent deflection.
  • Creates a stiffened base layer, and the resulting increase in base strength can be used to reduce the pavement depth design up to 50%.

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