Geoweb Earth Retention

Geoweb Earth Retention

Naturally Attractive Geocell Earth Retention Structures

Design retaining walls with natural aesthetics that perform in less-than-ideal site conditions. Construct structurally-stable, low-impact development retaining walls that reduce stormwater runoff and help meet green building goals.


The multi-layered Geoweb® Retaining Wall System creates economical and structurally-sound retaining walls that meet all design requirements and desired aesthetics through a terraced vegetated face.

     Typical Wall Structures

  • Steepened Slopes
  • Geocomposite Retaining Walls
  • Gravity Walls
  • Multi-Layered Channel System

    Economic Benefits

    Why contractors prefer Geoweb  retaining wall systems:

    • Use of less expensive on-site infill materials saves cost.
    • Faster construction saves cost:Compact and light-weight sections are easier to handle, deploy and construct even in difficult-access or remote locations.
    • Handling of light-weight sections compared to heavier block systems reduces worker down-time.

    Sustainable Vegetation

    The Geoweb retaining wall system’s open-celled horizontal terraces create a natural environment for sustainable vegetation. The vegetated system allows rain water to collect through the wall fascia, maximising stormwater collection, and minimising runoff.


Geoweb Earth Retention System Installation Geoweb Earth Retention