Geoweb Bank and Shoreline Protection

ampthill geoweb bank


The Geoweb® Shoreline Protection System stabilises soils on shoreline embankments, creating a structurally stable environment for infill. The system minimizes erosion problems caused by water contact, surface flow and small scale wave action.

Benefit of the 3 Dimensional structure

• Confines and reinforces the upper soil layer.

• Provides resistance to erosive conditions and slip forces.

• May be integrated with a turf reinforcement mat (TRM) for higher protection for vegetation.

• Protects geomembranes on ponds, or stormwater/wastewater containment basins.

Sustainable Shoreline Stability

The Geoweb system can be designed to provide long-term stability with sustainable vegetation, permeable aggregate or hard-armoured concrete.

Vegetated Protection:

The GEOWEB® system with established vegetation protects embankments against mild wave and tidal forces. With a TRM cover, offers better resistance to soil loss caused by soil saturation.

Aggregate Protection:

Confinement in the Geoweb structure allows smaller, less-expensive materials to be used, and on steeper slopes than when unconfined.

Concrete Hard-Armour Protection:

With concrete infill, the Geoweb system is a less costly, flexible alternative to articulating block systems.