Greenfix GeoJute is a lightweight but effective biodegradable net

It  is used for the prevention of soil erosion. Greenfix GeoJute has been specified for decades to provide economical protection to freshly cut or exposed slopes. Greenfix GeoJute offers a high degree of soil retention, before biodegrading completely to add to the organic content of the soil after sufficient time has passed for natural vegetation to establish and protect the soil from future erosion.

Easy to Handle

Greenfix GeoJute rolls cover more than 80m2, and weigh just over 42kg (500gsm). Compared to folded and compressed bales of similar products which weigh typically more than 300kg, Greenfix’ rolls are far better suited to manual lifting and handling. Geojute rolls are easy to install by simply unrolling down the slope, without any need for unfolding, also avoiding potential snagging and tangling.


Being easier to handle makes the product quicker to lay, making more efficient use of manpower. GeoJute rolls can be lifted and maneuvered without the need for mechanical lifting aids.


The flexibility and drape of an erosion control blanket relates to the extent to which that blanket can mould itself closely to the undulations and contours of the soil slope it has been installed to protect.

Greenfix Geojute has excellent flexibility and soil retention performance compared to other products as highlighted by research from the Department of Soil Science, Cranfield University.


Each year Jute crops are sustainably managed and from seeding to harvest, one hectare absorbs as much as 15 tonnes of CO2. Because Greenfix GeoJute is made of 100% jute, the CO2 footprint of a project can be reduced by more than 3kg CO2 for every square metre installed.


Product Weight gm2 Grade Rolls Size Apertures
GeoJute 500 500 gsm Medium 1.22m x 68.5m 15mm x 22mm