Fixings and Accessories

Correct installation and fixing procedures are equally as important as the material selection.

Greenfix offers a comprehensive range of fixings that will cope with any problem and also manufactures non-standard pins to cover any requirement.

New Terra-pin TL-P1™

A high load anchoring pin which is designed to hold all types of turf reinforcement matting, erosion blankets, geotextiles, landscaping fabrics as well as anchoring down badger netting, rabbit wire and embankment netting.

Up to ten times quicker to install
Reduces labour costs associated with reworking loose pins
Superior pull out performance compared to traditional pins and stakes
Ensures close contact between the matting and soil
Designed to eliminate damage to the mat
Removes the need for a separate washer
Easy installation with standard electric drill and bespoke chuck
(please order a Terra Pin chuck with your pins)

Size: 200mm long overall 50mm sprial foot 34mm circular holding head. 4.0mm dia galv body

Terra Lock Pin             WP_20150715_002

The product data sheets on each page give an indication of the most appropriate fixing for each product. Contact us for the best choice for your project on 01608 666027 or email us

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