Fixings and Accessories

Correct installation and fixing procedures are equally as important as the material selection.

Greenfix offers a comprehensive range of fixings that will cope with any problem and also manufactures non-standard pins to cover any requirement.


Greenfix Biostakes are 100% biodegradable breaking down completely to carbon dioxide, water and humus after 18 months of use. Used to anchor erosion control blankets, Mulchmats and biodegradable netting, Biostakes have 45% more anchoring power than 6” metal staples and the 30mm head is ideal for holding fabrics firmly in place.


Greenfix Biostakes are available in 100mm or 150mm lengths in boxes of 100 or 500.



The product data sheets on each page give an indication of the most appropriate fixing for each product. Contact us for the best choice for your project on 01608 666027 or email us

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