FilterPave is an environmentally friendly porous paving system made from 100% UK post consumer recycled glass that is bound together with a technologically advanced multi-component elastic resin from Soiltec Germany in association with BASF – The Chemical Company.


FilterPave is extremely porous with a high level of sustainable void space that makes a big contribution to sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS), in essence it rapidly filters storm water run off from roofs and other surfaces directly back to the water table, thus reducing the pressure on the local drainage system and the risk of flooding. It also captures oil residue and hydrocarbons increasing the quality of the water reaching the water table. (Tests have revealed that up to 1.5kg of oily substance can be bound per cubic metre of FilterPave (research by the University of Wisconsin)). FilterPave is mixed like you would cement or concrete, poured into place and finished off. There is no need for multiple time consuming layers it is one layer directly onto a sub base. There are 6 standard colours to choose from at present but we can also produce a colour to your specification.


The technologically advanced elastic resin helps combats the freeze/thaw effect and it is extremely tough and durable sustaining up to 2.7 tonnes of weight.

It can be used for both domestic and commercial projects. All public areas, walkways, drive ways, car parks, access roads, even used around the base of trees in urban areas is extremely popular. FilterPave comes in kit format for domestic and small building projects and we have carefully selected expert UK installation teams who can deliver large commercial work across the UK and Ireland.

FilterPave has much sought after environmental credentials, it has technologically advanced resin that binds the 100% recycled glass (post consumer) together, when installed the complete system delivers dynamic results. It is an ideal product for architects, civil engineers, planners, local authorities, landscape designers, housing developers and the domestic customer.

For more infomation visit the Filterpave website