f3 Fire Retardant Blankets

Covamat F3 Fire blanket

In prolonged hot and dry periods some fibres quickly become dry and could catch fire from a spark or cigarette.


The new product range Greenfix f3 combines all the benefits of Covamats, Eromats, Mulchmats, Rockmats and Greenfix 75 and provides additional fire protection according to DIN 4102-1.


Greenfix f3 blankets are available as:


  • Covamat Plus – Pre-seeded blankets
  • Covamat Fresh – Pre-seeded blankets with 5 mm top soil
  • Rockmats – Long-term erosion control solution with the benefit of vermin barrier and high tensile strength
  • Eromats – Cost effective blankets – Erosion control blankets with separate seeding
  • Greenfix 75 – Permanent turf reinforcement mats
  • Mulchmats – Weed control and plant protection without seeds

Installation Instructions can be downloaded HERE