Debris and Oil Booms

oil boom

Debris & Pollution Containment where & when you need it

Greenfix supply an effective pollution control barrier “Debris Boom” which are suitable for use in tidal waters and inland watercourses where a seal between shore and water is required. In shallow waters the debris booms can be installed from the shoreline of beaches, marches, mudflats, rivers, lakes, reservoirs and lagoons, together with “ Oil Booms”, every site is different and are fabricated to meet the rigours of your site as well as client expectations – All products are made to individual site requirements.

Our oil booms are generally 200mm above water and 300mm below – they contain an integral nitrogen foamed polyethylene core which cannot be compromised. An integral ballast chain holds them in the water to avoid pollutants passing beneath. The base product is welded PVC which is UV stabilised. Eyebolts are inserted every 5m along the length of the boom below the float – outfacing side, for the attachment of ropes or anchors to hold the boom in position. On the inner face eyebolts are inserted 1m intervals for the attachment of oil socks if required.

Oil Selective Absorbent Socks are manufactured from high quality polypropylene. They are ideal for containing leaks as part of a spill response program. Each sock is cable tied directly to the inner face of the oil boom. The boom contains any spill and the socks will adsorb the contaminant. Following a spill it is easy to remove the spent socks and replace them. Absorbs: Hydrocarbons only: Individual sock size: 7.5cmɸ x 1.2m: Absorbency over 50m: 160ltr

Alongside our standard 3-4 days delivery service we offer an emergency 24/48 hours delivery package of supply only, installation assistance or a full supply & install service.