Covamat Fresh

The fastest germinating pre-seeded erosion control.

Covamat Fresh are biodegradable erosion control blankets with all the benefits of Covamat Plus with the addition of 5mm of top soil. This soil layer allows the incorporated seeds to start to germinate almost immediately which means the blankets must be installed as soon as they are delivered to site. Greenfix Covamat Fresh has the fastest germination speed of any pre-seeded biodegradable erosion control blanket as a result of this soil addition. Giving protection against surface erosion.  It is also available in different fibre combinations and reinforced meshes for short, medium and long-term degradation (Up to 36months). Specially designed for: freshly-soiled inherently stable embankments, new slope cuttings, lining new water-courses, balancing ponds, facing reinforced soil slopes, lake edgings, protection of natural monuments, establishing wild flowers and road ditching.



Covamat Fresh is available in various fibre combinations and nettings for short, medium and long-term degradation. As with the Covamat Plus, standard or specific seed mixes can be incorporated during mat production. Take the advantage of Covamat Fresh into your next project.


The selection of blanket is determined by slope angle and exposure


Type 1: All straw blanket suitable for slopes up to 30 degrees

Type 2: 50% coir fibre – 50% straw blanket suitable for slopes up to 45 degrees

Type 3: 100% coir fibre suitable for slopes over 45 degrees

Greenfix will be pleased to advise on specifc seed requirements for any soil type and vegetation requirements from grasses to wildflowers.

Installation Instructions can be downloaded HERE