Brushwood Faggots


Greenfix supply a range of Hazel, Chestnut & Willow (live) Faggots for use in both freshwater and brackish intertidal applications. Our products are supplied from sustainable sources within the UK’s coppice industry.


Dependent on your project faggots and mattresses can be constructed from living or dead wood. Hazel & chestnut form dead wood faggots whereas willow will provide you with a living material.


Faggots are regularly specified for use within bioengineered soft-edge solutions and on environmentally sensitive projects, used at the toe of the bank they can be used on their own in providing erosion protection but are often used within an erosion control system providing support for coir rolls to sit-on at the correct water level; faggots help to provide long-term erosion control and design life, they manage scour protect below the water level and trap fine sediments that help to improve biodiversity and create habitat.


Brushwood mattresses comprising of layers of faggots help by a grid of fixing posts and tying wire are often used in inter-tidal areas and estuarine rivers, the mattresses when in situ trap fine sediment & provide on-going erosion protection.

Greenfix can also supply bundles of live willow for spiling C.300mm at base x 3M long…willow & chestnut posts are also available