Atra® Tendons & Tendon Clips

ATRA® Tendon Clips are load transfer devices that transfer slope gravity forces from the Geoweb cell wall to the tendon.

Specify ATRA Tendon Clips to gain the advantages:


  • ATRA Tendon Clips connect and “lock” securely through the Geoweb cell wall slots allowing for preassembly at the top of slope, reducing worker strain and speeding installation.
  • The tendon loop is much easier to complete with the ATRA Tendon Clip, ensuring the tendon remains tightly wrapped.
  • The ATRA Tendon Clip’s strong design reduces by half the number of clips or load transfer devices required per Geoweb section, saving time and money for the contractor.
  • The ATRA Tendon Clip is the preferred device for load transfer with Geoweb when tendons are required.

The secure connection ATRA Tendon Clips make with the Geoweb cell wall allows for easier preassembling of the clips before moving and expanding the Geoweb sections on slopes-a huge time saver

We offer a project evaluation service to help you determine the best solution. Ask for the Request for Project Evaluation (RFPE) pdf document for Slope Protection on 01608 666027
For more information on tendon applications see our Case Studies page