Presto Geoweb® wins “NEOWEB” trademark victory

The European Trademark Office (OHIM) has rejected PRS’ application for the NEOWEB trademark.

After many years of lawyers filing papers and evidence, the European Trademark Office agreed that the NEOWEB trademark would cause confusion with our GEOWEB® brand.

William G. Handlos, PE, CPESC, Director of Presto Geosystems said: “This is an important victory for Presto Geosystems. We value the GEOWEB® brand and believe it is one of our strongest assets in our geosynthetics business. We will continue to fight to protect the GEOWEB® name throughout Europe, North America and wherever we do business.

“We also believe this is a significant step in helping you to market and sell GEOWEB® branded geocells. We want you to know that Presto Geosystems will continue to support your efforts to promote our products”.

In our Attorney’s summary communication they shared the following:

The Opposition was based on Presto’s longstanding trademark GEOWEB, which is registered in over 12 EU countries, and our argument that the normal purchasers of your products would likely confuse PRS’ NEOWEB trademark with your GEOWEB trademark.

Therefore, OHIM decided to reject PRS’ trademark application for NEOWEB.

Should PRS continue to use the NEOWEB mark, they could also be subject to civil actions for trademark infringement under the trademark laws of various EU countries. The remedies could include the courts enjoining PRS from selling geocell products under the NEOWEB name, as well as monetary damages.

We ask our customers to report to us any materials that display the Neoweb name.