Soil & Erosion Products

Greenfix offers a wide range of soil stabilisation products, from pre-seeded erosion control blankets and permanent turf reinforcement mats to a range of pavers for reinforcing grass or gravel surfaces. To learn more about how the different ranges work and interact why not book our CPD Seminar for your designers?


Pre-Seeded Erosion Control Mats

Seeded blankets provide excellent soil and slope protection, offering seed retention on steep slopes. We can offer seeded blankets with 6 standard mixes, or your own specified mix.

Non-seeded Blankets and Meshes

Organic erosion control mats without seeds for slope and embankment stabilisation.

Permanent – Turf Reinforcement Mats

Reinforces the root and stem systems of vegetation under high sheer stress providing effective erosion control and high mulching.

Mulch Mats

Where landscape planting is required, particularly on slopes, Greenfix Mulchmats provide mulching, moisture control, non-chemical weed control, soil erosion protection and soil temperature balance in one single operation.

Recultex – Soil Fence

Recultex soil fencing provides a natural solution to prevent slippage of topsoil on slopes. Providing several years of protection whilst the root matrix develops to bind the soil and give long-term stability.

Permeable Pavements

Greenfix offer a range permeable paving solutions to aid the movement of storm water through the surface.

Fixings and Accessories

Correct installation and fixing procedures are equally as important as the material selection. Greenfix offers a comprehensive range of fixings that will cope with any problem and also manufactures non-standard pins to cover any requirement.

Grass Seeds

Greenfix are able to offer a selection of different seed mixtures, incorporated into our blankets, as well as bagged seed for site installation.

Silt Fence

Greenfix 70SF Silt Fence is a temporary sediment control material used on construction sites to control pollution from sediment (loose soil) in storm water runoff.